Now, don’t send me emails for saying this, but sometimes I think this idea needs to be brought back.  If I had a little shack in the back yard to do my business in, there’s no way my kids and my dogs, and my insanity would all follow me out there and cram in to that little space.

It may be slightly gross and the weather would play a factor, but I would have 5 minutes to myself, as long as none of the kids seriously hurt themselves this sounds like a great idea to me.

Though I think we have come a long way in technology as well as design.  We could have that thing wired for Wi-Fi, run some cable out there, have a little TV up in the corner, maybe build a nice pergola memphis style over the top of it.  Im thinking we could deck out this outdoor toilet anyway we want… paint it pink so my husband wont use it.  Make it smell really nice, you know now that I am rambling on about this, I think we will just build me a whole separate restroom out there, not just the toilet but a bidet, a sink a tub, the whole works. And there will be a lock on the door where only Mommy has the key.

The OLDER generation

I’ve come to the conclusion that they really have no earthly idea what is going on in the world today.  Or what things are like for us slightly younger crowd with kids on a day in and day out basis.

I’ll give you an example: My husband’s grandmother, who miraculously can use facebook…. don’t ask me how because I don’t know… she’s like 90, felt the need to offer a wonderfully passive aggressive critique of one of my posts the other day regarding this very topic.

Now maybe the old bird didn’t work in the NAVY yard growing up, but I can’t imagine it was so ghastly improper to speak about poop or time on the throne as she wants to believe.  I do know they couldn’t actually say poop on TV or put it on a book cover for a while, which is odd in and of itself to me.

Here is what I posted all in good humor:




Well it wasn’t twenty seconds before ol Ivory Tower over there comes on and says “Oh this is poor taste”  “I like much better when you speak highly of how loving your husband is”

SMH I wanted to scream.

My husband immediately jumped on and posted and owned his HOUR LONG poop time…. to “defend” me… It doesn’t take anyone that long I know he’s just doing stuff on his phone… but I can’t really blame him either.


Moral of the story…. sometimes we just need to count the days until the out of touch people go away…. OR at least stop meddling where you don’t belong.  It makes a lighthearted funny situation stressful and upsetting… quit being all JUDGY…..


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Toilet Seats

Well it finally happened, my old pal finally bit the dust and I found myself at Lowe’s looking at a whole huge wall of new toilet seat options.


I certainly had the feeling that the longer I stood there trying to decide what would be the best option for my tooshie to sit on, the more my dignity I was losing by the second.


But the other part of me was excited,  this is a big choice right!  I mean I’ve got lots of time for years to come that will be spent with this toilet seat, it’s gotta be the right one!


So many options though, some are warming, some have led lights, some have a quiet close lid, different shapes, plastic or wood, concealed or not concealed.  What on earth is one to do?  I mean it’s just a toilet seat, but you want to get the right one.  Do any of them wipe my butt for me…. is it too late to start installing bidets in America.  My vote is that it would be nice.  What shape of seat do you go with, some pinch my booty and don’t feel good, but others are nice…. has anyone actually taken notes on this stuff so they know the answers to these important questions when it comes time to buy a new one.


I certainly have not taken the right amount of notes in this subject, but I was able to land on a decision.  Basic but nice, had the quiet close lid which I must say I do like and is a nice feature.  To be perfectly honest with you, I am breaking it in right now as I am writing this, and since my legs are starting to fall asleep, it’s time to say ttfn.

30 minutes to p@@p

Breakfast, get dressed, play, fight, discipline, play, discipline, clean up mess, lunch…..repeat until dinner, bath, bed….exhausted.   Where’s the time for Mom’s.

I spend most of my day catering to my kids (whom I love) and sporadically as I can trying to keep up with the house or work at my home based business.

I hate to say it, but i cherish my bathroom time, it’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and it’s mine.  I can’t be alone in the mommy world when I realize that even though I have stuff to do, and may actually be finished going to the bathroom, I don’t want to leave….  I just want to sit in silence, and enjoy the moment.

Through the rest of this blog about my bathroom time, i figure I can only write so much about the actual bathroom time itself and minus maybe one review on my toilet paper preference (which I am sure you all want to know) I figure I will review the things that I spend the most time doing while I sit atop the porcelain throne.  Since I will always have a book, an Ipad or my phone within arms reach, I always entertain myself with something fun or stupid.

Potty time

I love my time in the bathroom, with two little ones running around the house any time you may be able to salvage on your own is cherished more than gold.  The little joys of time alone in the bathroom is what this blog will focus on, yup, my life has been reduced down to the fact that the biggest victory of my day is if I can get 10 uninterrupted minutes all to myself.