Now, don’t send me emails for saying this, but sometimes I think this idea needs to be brought back.  If I had a little shack in the back yard to do my business in, there’s no way my kids and my dogs, and my insanity would all follow me out there and cram in to […]

The OLDER generation

I’ve come to the conclusion that they really have no earthly idea what is going on in the world today.  Or what things are like for us slightly younger crowd with kids on a day in and day out basis. I’ll give you an example: My husband’s grandmother, who miraculously can use facebook…. don’t ask […]

Toilet Seats

Well it finally happened, my old pal finally bit the dust and I found myself at Lowe’s looking at a whole huge wall of new toilet seat options.   I certainly had the feeling that the longer I stood there trying to decide what would be the best option for my tooshie to sit on, the […]

30 minutes to p@@p

Breakfast, get dressed, play, fight, discipline, play, discipline, clean up mess, lunch…..repeat until dinner, bath, bed….exhausted.   Where’s the time for Mom’s. I spend most of my day catering to my kids (whom I love) and sporadically as I can trying to keep up with the house or work at my home based business. I […]

Potty time

I love my time in the bathroom, with two little ones running around the house any time you may be able to salvage on your own is cherished more than gold.  The little joys of time alone in the bathroom is what this blog will focus on, yup, my life has been reduced down to […]