Toilet Seats

Well it finally happened, my old pal finally bit the dust and I found myself at Lowe’s looking at a whole huge wall of new toilet seat options.


I certainly had the feeling that the longer I stood there trying to decide what would be the best option for my tooshie to sit on, the more my dignity I was losing by the second.


But the other part of me was excited,  this is a big choice right!  I mean I’ve got lots of time for years to come that will be spent with this toilet seat, it’s gotta be the right one!


So many options though, some are warming, some have led lights, some have a quiet close lid, different shapes, plastic or wood, concealed or not concealed.  What on earth is one to do?  I mean it’s just a toilet seat, but you want to get the right one.  Do any of them wipe my butt for me…. is it too late to start installing bidets in America.  My vote is that it would be nice.  What shape of seat do you go with, some pinch my booty and don’t feel good, but others are nice…. has anyone actually taken notes on this stuff so they know the answers to these important questions when it comes time to buy a new one.


I certainly have not taken the right amount of notes in this subject, but I was able to land on a decision.  Basic but nice, had the quiet close lid which I must say I do like and is a nice feature.  To be perfectly honest with you, I am breaking it in right now as I am writing this, and since my legs are starting to fall asleep, it’s time to say ttfn.