30 minutes to p@@p

Breakfast, get dressed, play, fight, discipline, play, discipline, clean up mess, lunch…..repeat until dinner, bath, bed….exhausted.   Where’s the time for Mom’s.

I spend most of my day catering to my kids (whom I love) and sporadically as I can trying to keep up with the house or work at my home based business.

I hate to say it, but i cherish my bathroom time, it’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and it’s mine.  I can’t be alone in the mommy world when I realize that even though I have stuff to do, and may actually be finished going to the bathroom, I don’t want to leave….  I just want to sit in silence, and enjoy the moment.

Through the rest of this blog about my bathroom time, i figure I can only write so much about the actual bathroom time itself and minus maybe one review on my toilet paper preference (which I am sure you all want to know) I figure I will review the things that I spend the most time doing while I sit atop the porcelain throne.  Since I will always have a book, an Ipad or my phone within arms reach, I always entertain myself with something fun or stupid.