Now, don’t send me emails for saying this, but sometimes I think this idea needs to be brought back.  If I had a little shack in the back yard to do my business in, there’s no way my kids and my dogs, and my insanity would all follow me out there and cram in to that little space.

It may be slightly gross and the weather would play a factor, but I would have 5 minutes to myself, as long as none of the kids seriously hurt themselves this sounds like a great idea to me.

Though I think we have come a long way in technology as well as design.  We could have that thing wired for Wi-Fi, run some cable out there, have a little TV up in the corner, maybe build a nice pergola memphis style over the top of it.  Im thinking we could deck out this outdoor toilet anyway we want… paint it pink so my husband wont use it.  Make it smell really nice, you know now that I am rambling on about this, I think we will just build me a whole separate restroom out there, not just the toilet but a bidet, a sink a tub, the whole works. And there will be a lock on the door where only Mommy has the key.